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$179 OFF drop in hand sink
Valid until August 04, 2012
Last chance sale
Valid until August 04, 2012

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KegWorks is a division of Dot Com Holdings of Buffalo Inc., an operator of a unique mix of niche e-commerce sites that offer high-end products such as home bar equipment, furniture and equipment for grilling. Founded in 1999, is a big KegWorks in the heart of downtown Buffalo, New York. KegWorks prides itself on offering quality products and being experts on the products they offer. No one knows home bar supplies and equipment as KegWorks done and it is their job to share that knowledge with their customers! Today KegWorks carries thousands of items from some of the world’s leading suppliers. Each product is reviewed and revised by the team produced in-house to ensure that every product they offer are innovative and exciting, something that will create value for customers. In addition, meet whenever an order is placed, KegWorks "House of critical quality and guarantees that all teams to leave the doors with the stamp of approval KegWorks.

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